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ADT vs Vivint Home Security

ADT vs Vivint Home Security Comparison

ADT Overview

With over 150 years of home security under their belt, ADT is a true innovator of the business, few home security companies hold the weight that ADT holds in this field. Founded in 1841 this company has been servicing its customers excellently through the years. When Edward Calahan founded the company he had a vision on that everyone could be safe in their own homes and today it’s exactly what we see. Today the American District Telegraph Company has over 5 million customers that they serve proudly. While many security companies have come and gone, ADT has become an authority that will be here for a very long time.

Vivint overview

Vivint Smart Homes was founded by Keith Nellesen and Todd Pedersen in 1999 and quickly took off to be one of the most well-known security company in the USA and Canada. Servicing over 1.4 million customers they have maintained a level of quality that isn’t always seen in the security world, although a newer company they have made a big impression with their customers. In fact, in 2017 they were named one of the 50 most innovative companies by “Fast Company’s.” Another great fact about this company is that in 2015 the CEO appeared on the widely popular TV show Undercover Boss.

Comparing the two Security Services

These two giants have truly made an impact in the home security sector. Home security is nothing to be taken lightly especially in the world that we live in today. Burglary has become a much bigger worry, and we need to keep ourselves and families safe. A well-trusted name to have watching over us is truly something of a comfort. So, when we compare ADT and Vivint side by side who reigns supreme? Which company has better services and technology? Let’s take a closer look at these two giants and see how they fare.

Features and Technology


ADT has been a trusted name in the game for a very long time and surely they provide a nearly endless amount of features and technology. Due to their high-quality ADT can be a bit pricey but when you experience their services you’ll know why. Offering home automation, remote access, smart detectors and much more; they have all your needs covered.

Some best ADT features and technology include:

  • All-day and all night monitoring
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Motion sensors for your pets
  • Cellular and landline systems
  • Home automation
  • Security access through the handy mobile app.


When it comes to Vivint it’s all about the wireless system. Other big names in security also solely have wireless but, Vivint has excelled with this technology. Their wireless technology is virtually unmatched, they have smart technology down to a science. Some services they provide are home automation as they are one of the leaders, voice recognition, video cameras and many more options to choose from.

Some best Vivint features and technology include:

  • Video Door Bell – which allows you to speak and view your visitors through an app from anywhere
  • Customizable Remote
  • Video Cameras for motion detection
  • Home Automation that’s Voice-Activated
  • Element Thermostat
  • Smart Locks
  • Controller for your garage door

Who has better Features and Technology?

Both ADT and Vinint offer great features and technology to their customers. If we take a closer look at what they both offer the technology is far ahead of the competition as a whole. For this category especially it’s a tie due to the number of features both companies offer.

Quality of Equipment


ADT only offers top-quality equipment and at a very decent price. With years of experience, ADT has not only been perfecting their equipment but has also been revolutionizing the way things function and operate, which is a true sign of their longevity in the security world. ADT has also been very strategic with whom they’ve partnered over the years; collaborations with General Electric and Honeywell have benefited them immensely.


Vivint provides a high-quality product when we consider all the equipment they offer it’s a true testament to how well they operate to be able to give all their customers 100% all the time. Their products do have a higher price tag compared to other giants, but they back it with a stellar product.

Whose Equipment is of better quality?

Both ADT and Vivint have an amazing quality of products but due to its longevity, the winner has to be ADT. For this category, experience has the edge and ADT has 150 years under the belt.

Emergency Connections


ADT mostly offers cellular-based packages for their premium packages, this type of connection is overall the most reliable compared to other forms of connection. ATD also offers a landline system to those that live in remote locations, they do their best to service everyone


Vivint is a 100% wireless-based company through and through and has become an authority in the home security sector; they know how wireless works.

Who has better Connections?

Both Companies provide phenomenal cellular-based packages in their own right. Although Vivint has stunned everyone with their ingenuity, the winner for this category has to be ADT. What ADT does so well, is not only service the ones that have access to cellular connections, but they also service customers in remote areas.

Customer Service


ADT has a great name when it comes to their customer service and over the years they’ve acquired an A+ BBB rating. Honestly speaking though you don’t survive 140 years in a part “customer service” business without proving excellent service to your customers,


When the company started Vivint didn’t have a good name in terms of their customer service but those years are long gone, and they have come a long way. Although they don’t have an A+ BBB rating their customer service is incredible. Their customers and partners speak very highly about their services. It’s quite incredible how they’ve been able to do a 180 since their inception.

Whose Customer Service is better?

ADT is the obvious winner for very clear reasons but, this isn’t a discredit to Vivint and what they’ve been able to accomplish with their customer service in such a short time.

Security Equipment

Both ADT and Vivint are leading security companies; it’s necessary to appraise which type of security equipment and gadgets are offered by each of them to judge their competence.


Vivint may seem to be an amateur when compared to ADT’s long experience in the security segment; however, Vivint has managed to introduce many innovative products in the security industry, which has impressed many.

Some of its fantastic equipment includes:

  • Skycontrol Panel (It even has features like presenting Weather updates and forecasts.)
  • Doorbell camera (The doorbell camera sends you a notification on your smartphone. You can even answer your door when you are not actually at home, thanks to the interactive communication technology.)
  • Ping Camera
  • Element Thermostat
  • Outdoor Pro Camera​

The company, along with in-house development, has also collaborated with top manufacturers to offer high-quality security equipment. They have very competitive features and involve artificial intelligence technology to make your home more secure. Most of the Vivint equipment is compatible with third-party products like Google Home and Amazon Echo.


This Security Giant has always tried to keep an edge with high-quality security devices. ADT may be quite an old corporation, but it strives to bring in advancement in its security devices.

These include:

  • Entryway Sensors
  • Control Panel
  • Security Camera
  • Smart Lock system

However, they still lack the cutting-edge innovation that Vivint has attained with its equipment.

Which brand has the higher end equipment?

Vivint takes a point here because of its futuristic devices and technology, which slightly overpower ADT’s equipment.

Monitoring Options

A high level of professional monitoring is crucial for judging any security company’s service quality. Both ADT and Vivint provide excellent professional tracking to ensure your home is always secure.


Vivint provides Home environmental as well as video monitoring services at very affordable rates. It does not outsource its monitoring services to other parties and has its team of professionals to manage all monitoring needs. This makes its monitoring facilities very reliable.

You get the home environmental monitoring service in its Smart Security package for $38.99 per month while an additional video monitoring option in its Smart Home service for just $39.99 per month.


ADT also provides professional 24/7 monitoring services. You get its home environmental monitoring facility in all levels of packages starting from the traditional plan, which costs $26.99 per month. Video Monitoring is available in the control and video packages, which cost $59 and up, per month. It also employs an experienced team of personnel to run its monitoring services smoothly.

Which company monitors better?

Both the companies have consistently deployed high quality round the clock monitoring services. ADT and Vivint together share the winning point in this category.

Home Automation

Home automation is another aspect taken into consideration as the quality of automation facilities will ultimately affect the quality of security. The two contenders offer advanced home automation choices in their premium security plans.


The company’s smart home automation system aims at the Control, Comfort, and Convenience of its customers. It provides smart home features like Garage door control, Element Thermostat control along with compatibility with smart home devices by reputed companies like Philips, Google, and Amazon. Vivint also provides smart equipment for other manufacturers like Nest and Kwikset.


ADT also aims to provide an excellent integration of security and smart home technology. It also has almost all the automation options like Light bulb controls, smart Thermostat regulator, and Automatic Garage door control. ADT has also collaborated with Nest and Amazon to provide smart security devices.

Who automates your home in a smarter way?

The two security giants have very similar automation plans; however, Vivint has managed to win due to its smart-home focused security products, which are highly compatible with various other smart home equipment in the market.


Every customer appraises the time and efforts required in the installation of the security system to judge the company’s overall services. Both companies provide a security system that needs professional installation.


Its team of SmarthomePros does the installation of Vivint’s systems. The professionals are certified to install the security system properly, depending on the needs of your house. The cost of installation begins at around $49.99.


Like Vivint, even ADT needs professional installation for its devices. ADT has a team of technicians along with outsourcing the service to third parties who are trained to install the system smoothly. The installation fees vary from $99 to $199 as per the scheme you select.

Who has managed to simplify the task of installation?

Both the companies are fixated at professional installation, which leads to a tie. They need to initiate a new DIY installation package soon.

Value and Cost

One of the most crucial factors for a customer while choosing any product is the price he has to pay to acquire it. Customers want to derive the highest possible value from the products they invest in.


Vivint offers four main security packages:

  • Home Security
  • Smart home control
  • Video security
  • Smart complete

They also provide a customization option where you can select the facilities and equipment that you require. The plans start at around $29.99 per month. However, the total cost depends on the devices and facilities you choose. However, it may go up to hundreds of dollars.


It provides plans starting from the range of $36.99, with monitoring service. ADT has three main packages

  • Traditional plan
  • Control plan
  • Video security plan

All the plans include entry-level sensors, alarms, 24/7 monitoring, and app control. Advanced features are available in the higher plans.

Which company’s services are priced more appropriately?

ADT seems to have an edge in this arena as it has suitably determined packages and rates for every facility. In the case of Vivint, you do possess the option to choose whatever device you want, but you may end up paying a high hidden cost.

Contract terms

Another critical category to evaluate a company is the Contractual requirements required to be met by the customers to avail of the service.


The company has shown a different approach in its contractual terms. In the case of installment payments on a periodical basis, the contract duration is quite long. It ranges from 42 months to 60 months. You can avoid a long term agreement if you make a full upfront payment.


ADT needs its customers to sign up for 2 years to 3 years of contracts. The company does not charge any high upfront fees. It also offers an amazing money-back period of 6 months, which is currently the most impressive in the market. But do keep in mind to check the conditions for return in the guarantee period.

Which company has managed to lure more people with its contractual terms?

ADT takes this point with shorter contract duration than Vivint and a great money-back offer.

[sc_fs_faq sc_id=”fs_faqhhuy3um5g” html=”true” headline=”h2″ img=”21684″ question=”What is better ADT or Vivint?” img_alt=”” css_class=”” ]This was a tight race but the winner had to be ADT, not by a big margin but they do reign as the winner for this comparison. The 140 years experience definitely shows in their customer service, technology, and quality.[/sc_fs_faq]